Phixel emerged as a result of working 15 years in the photo retouching industry providing expert skills for many high-end clients.  Phixel is the equivalent of having a top end freelancer coming into the office to work on your images without all the hassle of having to find that freelancer and gamble on their quality and speed.

How to use Phixel
Fill out the quote form, send your image with marked up changes, and a quote will be sent back with in 3 hours mon-fri 9-5 pst.  If you accept the quote, instructions will be given to upload the photo or Phixel can grab it from your ftp.  The image will be finished in the time requested and sent back with an invoice attached, payable in 30 days.

Who can use Phixel
Phixel is designed for high end agencies and photographers only, specializing in skin detail, compositing, and detailed cut outs.  Phixel does not work on head shots, photo restoration, or any of the other typical services found on other retouching websites.

Getty, Corbus, The Cannery, Rapp Collins, HBO, MTV, Puma, BMW, Skins Footwear, Kantor and Wassink, The Production Farm, Qyster Mag, Paper Mag, Zink Mag, Danske Mag, Jordan Kleinman, Charlie White, New Line Records, Geffen, MGA Entertainment, and Volcom.